Moving To Australia: A Guide For Expats, Lovers And the Otherwise Curious
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Moving To Australia: A Guide For Expats, Lovers And the Otherwise Curious

Andrea N Spirov

Moving to Australia a guide for expats, lovers and the otherwise curious The ultimate book for moving to Australia 2nd edition Are you interested in moving to Australia? Do you want to know all about the process of relocating from someone who’s successfully done it? Are you curious about this beautiful, interesting country and its people? Packed with helpful resources, anecdotes and advice, this book is an excellent guide to those seeking information about migration to Australia. Whether you want to work in Australia long-term or just have a working holiday in Australia, this book will assist you with all aspects of your journey. It will be especially helpful for those emigrating to Australia as a spouse, as the author recounts her experience from applying for the partner visa to becoming a citizen. All Australian visas are also outlined, such as skilled immigration visas, student visas and visas for those who have already found jobs in Australia. ‘Moving to Australia’ covers everything from packing up your current home to finances to health cover to meeting people in Australia. It is a guide to making a successful transition to becoming an expat in Australia. It’s also a great read for those who are just curious about the land Down Under or who have already arrived in Australia and need some help navigating. Whether you’re planning a permanent move to Australia or just a short-term relocation, this book will help you figure it all out.

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